$15K revenue/month from selling leggings.

Yaros, owner of leggingsfan.com and kittenrules.com had already tried getting involved in various before deciding to try dropshipping. After 4 months of “learning & testing,” he ended up becoming one of Upinus’ key clients, using Upinus for importing, auto-order fulfillment and other logistics management.

He created a set of rules for his dropshipping venture:

  • - take a narrow niche;
  • - select only the most popular products in this niche;
  • - import products at wholesale prices not more than $20;
  • - increase prices to about twice the standard cost;
  • - sell products with a free worldwide shipping option only;




As a shop owner, Yaros always wanted to try different products & different markets. Since dropshipping allowed him to access to the massive AliExpress, he made up some basic rules to pick the products without getting lost in a sea of options.

Rule 1: Take a narrow niche

He chose leggings for his first product (and succeeded)! Later, Yaros continued to choose only highly niche products, such as jewelry with kitten charms and Naruto accessories.

Rule 2: Select only the most popular products within this niche

Yaros used a filter from AliExpress to choose the best-selling leggings.

Rule 3: Import products at wholesale prices not more than $20;

Luckily for Yaros, most leggings from AliExpress cost between $3 and $15.


After launching leggingfans.com successfully, Yaros opened two more stores named Hokagestore.com and Kittenrules.com, based on the rules he made. Now he makes $15,000 in revenue per month and encourages store owners to try dropshipping via Upinus. He also noted that store owners can try both global and local markets.
“I have many friends who run dropshipping businesses with AliExpress. Some of them are REALLY successful, so my $15,000 per month is nothing compared to their revenues. But they mainly work on local markets.”


Yaros shared that he now runs 20 stores all at once. While this may seem mind-boggling considering the number of orders or requests or fulfillments you might have to do everyday. But with Upinus’s auto-order fulfillment, Yaros is hands-free, which allows him to focus on customer service and marketing.


As a physical store owner, Yaros had a lot of trouble finding good promotion strategies for his dropshipping store. He had to test many different methods, and eventually decided to focus on social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and, above all, Instagram.