About us


Was founded in 2016 by 8 core members. Our founders set up Upinus with the ambition to champion the E-commerce era. We empower E-retail businesses to develop and compete sustainably in the global context by leveraging innovation and technology.

Our Vision

Become the leading corporation in the E-commerce area. We provide sustainable Eco-systems, effective technology solutions and the long-term support for E-retailer worldwide.

Our Misson

We devote all resources to support E-retailers in building, operating and developing their own E-commerce businesses with sustainable brands in the global market.

Core Values

A winners' mindset
When facing a new challenge, Upinusers will think ”I can do it, there must be solutions for it." At Upinus, there is no time for hesitation, superficiality, or fear of failing when one is assigned a task. Courage and fearlessness are fundamental values that each member of Upinus should have in their journey with the company.

A beginners' mindset
In the current wide-open and fast-changing world of technology, what we seem to “know” today can quickly become something outdated in the next morning. Being fully aware of that fact, Upinusers never allow themselves to wear “expert” hats, instead, we need to keep the mindset of pure beginners, who often allow themselves to explore different options and opportunities, believing that there is always more than one solution for any issues.

Targets' chasers
We should always keep in mind that any task at Upinus should focus on the ultimate goal: the effectiveness and the development of the company.