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How to sell and auto-fulfill with Upinus Hot Products?

Upinus Hot Products is a place where you can find the best suggestions for your own product. Then have orders fulfilled completely and automatically.

  1. How to import or request products from Upinus Hot Products?

    Go to Hot Products. Then pin the product you want to sell and push it to Shopify.

  2. How to get your orders auto-fulfilled?

    Visit your Order list , then click “Order by Upinus” to pay for your order.

    After paying, order will be automatically placed and shipped directly to your customers. Shipment tracking will be automatically updated to your Upinus and Shopify.

    You can choose to pay in bulk. See it here.

  3. How to fulfill and pay in bulk?

    Visit your Order list , then hover your mouse over the button “Order by Upinus”, you will see the option of “Add to bulk order”.

How to import & fulfill with Shopify?

  1. How to filter product with ePacket?
  2. How to customize products and push to Shopify?
  3. How to fulfill your orders with Shopify?

    After all tracking numbers are updated in Upinus, they will be automatically pushed to Shopify.

    Also, your orders status will be changed to “Fulfilled” in Shopify.

Pricing Plans

  1. How much do I have to pay?

    There are 3 pricing plans: $19.9/month; $29.9/month; $59.9/month. Details here.

  2. How can I upgrade or extend my plan?

    Visit your Profile Setting.

    Then click “Upgrade” to upgrade or extend your pricing plan.

    Important: Your account will be frozen if your paid plan hasn’t been extent yet.

  3. How can I cancel or downgrade my plan?

    For cancelling or downgrading your plan without uninstalling the app, please contact us via [email protected] or hit the Live Chat.

If you have more questions, drop us an email to [email protected] or hit the Live Chat.

We are available 9AM to 6PM (GMT+7) - Monday to Friday.