Fulfillment 01: Order to AliExpress & 4 bonus tips to avoid losing-money mistakes

When a customer places an order on your Shopify website, all order details including order number, products details and shipping address will be auto-syncronized to Upinus.

After that, you can use Upinus to auto-fulfill with AliExpress.
Fulfilling by Upinus consists of 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: Auto-ordering to AliExpress.

  • Stage 2: Auto-updating order status from AliExpress. See article.

Stage 1 : How to auto-order to AliExpress

Whether you are a newbie with 1-2 orders or an expert with 500 orders/day, Upinus can help you speed up your fulfillment at ease, just by a few clicks.

Step 1: In Upinus, search for order number, then click “CLICK TO ORDER”. See figure 1.

How to CLICK TO ORDER  with Upinus
Figure 1. How to CLICK TO ORDER with Upinus

In case you have many products in one order, you can choose to order all products in-one-click by “Click to order” or order each product by “Order item”. See figure 2
There are 2 modes for ordering by Upinus: “Auto place” and “Step by Step”. See figure 2

  • - By choosing “Auto place order” Upinus will automatically fill information for all 3 steps: Add to cart, Confirm to buy & Adding customer info

  • - “Step by Step order” requests the seller to confirm each step by pressing “Continue to order”

Two ordering modes by Upinus
Figure 2. Two ordering modes by Upinus

After the request to order, Upinus extension will automatically go to AliExpress, Add to cart, Confirm to buy and fill Customers’ info in the order form for you. All you have to do is sit tight and wait for Upinus to finish its filling.

Step 2: Choose “Other payment methods” before paying. See figure 3.

Switch to “Other payment methods” first before “Confirm and Pay”.

Switch to “Other payment methods” before “Confirm and Pay”
Figure 3. Switch to “Other payment methods” before “Confirm and Pay”

Your orders will be labeled as “Awaiting Payment” and be provided with Ali order number. You can also review order details, shipping address & payment total. See figure 4

AliExpress order number and order details
Figure 4. AliExpress order number and order details

AliExpress will keep this information for 20 days. After 20 days, they will be erased if you still don’t pay.

Step 3: Load all awaiting payment orders and pay at one time with Upinus.

All the Internet Retailers know the nuisance called “Payments limit”.
Depending on countries and banks, many payment methods can be limited in the number of payments per day. Therefore, Internet Retailers often use AliExpress Pocket or own themselves a lot of payment method to finish paying, which is super time-consuming and easy to make mistakes.
Now with Upinus, instead of paying order 1 by 1, the seller can just load all awaiting payment orders, then click “Pay” at one time.

Here’s how to Load all orders and Pay - Just by 4 steps:

  • 1. On AliExpress, choose “Awaiting payments” in “My order”. See figure 5.

  • 2. Click “Load more order” and wait for 100 orders to be listed. See figure 5.

  • 3. Tick “Product” box to select all 100 listed orders. See figure 6.

  • 4. Then click “Pay for selected orders” to pay. See figure 6 & 7.

Load 100 orders by Upinus extension
Figure 5. Load 100 orders by Upinus extension

Select all 100 listed orders then click Pay for selected order(s)
Figure 6. Select all 100 listed orders then click “Pay for selected order(s)”

Pay 100 orders at one time
Figure 7. Pay 100 orders at one time

Bonus: 4 tips to avoid losing-money mistakes.

Fulfilling is not simply “copy and paste” story. The more orders (and revenue) you get, the better you have to control your ordering process.

You can easily get hundreds of customers’ complains just by slow ordering, keeping a bad supplier or (simply) sending products without English instructions. To be worse, many Internet Retailers have lost millions of dollars when customers keep opening cases through payment gates as Paypal.

Here are 4 tips for you to have better control over your ordering:

Tip 1: Verify your AliExpress account as quickly as possible

Why AliExpress requests to verify the account?

After you fulfill a couple of first orders on AliExpress, one or many of your orders will be canceled and they will ask you to verify your credit card and prove your identity by appealing and uploading some documents. This verification is normal for all Internet Retailers. However, the closing orders can be a big problem to your fulfillment, especially to a newbie. In a blink, all your 100 orders can be closed and can not be delivered to customers.

What to do: Buy an AliExpress Pocket value over $100 to avoid AliExpress’ closing orders in bulk.

The trick here is to request AliExpress to appeal your payment methods in advance. Buy an AliExpress Pocket, value over $100, AliExpress will naturally appeal your payment method through your purchasing. See figure 8 below.
Usually, it takes about 3-5 days for AliExpress to appeal. Then you can pay with your payment methods as normal.

Buy an Alipocket value over $100 to get AliExpress appeal your account.
Figure 8. Buy an Alipocket value over $100 to get AliExpress appeal your account.

Re-order immediately if AliExpress have closed your orders in bulk.

Even when your payment method is already verified, AliExpress still won’t open all your closed orders. So you will still have to re-order. Here’s how to re-order quickly with Upinus.

  • 1. Search for closed orders in Upinus. See figure 9 below. Closed orders will be labeled as “Done”.

  • 2. Click “Reset” to reset order status from “Done” to “To order”. See figure 10 below.

Find closed order with Upinus
Figure 9. Find closed order with Upinus

Mark as “To order” to reset order status
Figure 10. Mark as “To order” to reset order status

After resetting successfully, the button “CLICK TO ORDER” will appear and you can order again.

Tip 2: Change supplier when necessary:

Even when your suppliers have been carefully chosen, you can easily get these troubles: late delivery, slow processing, (suddenly) high prices, no Epacket to different countries… That’s when you need to change to a better supplier! See how to find a better seller here.

With Upinus, the seller can easily add a different supplier then apply to orders.

How to change supplier with Upinus
Figure 11. How to change supplier with Upinus

There are 3 modes for the seller to change suppliers: to ALL orders, to orders with same shipping country or to this single order only. See figure 12 below.

Three modes of changing suppliers
Figure 12. Three modes of changing suppliers

Tip 3: Use an override phone number to fulfill faster.

AliExpress always requires the phone number to order. But sometimes, customers might not leave their phone numbers. To solve this, you can add any fake phone number by going to “Setting” and submit any random numbers.

Tip 4: Don’t forget the “Custom Note” before paying.

How Upinus help seller create “Custom Note”?

Go to Settings. You can see a box named “Custom Note”, where Upinus already prepares a default note for you. The seller can keep this or change any text they want.

Upinus will auto-fill this note for every order while ordering to AliExpress
This note is especially important to Internet Retailers. Without this note, your supplier may not recognize this is e-commerce business and send products together with original price and instructions in Chinese to your customers. This might make your customers uncomfortable and to be worse, open cases in Paypal.

With these steps and tips, Upinus automation application can save you time and reduce mistakes caused by slow or wrong and manual ordering. Ordering to AliExpress has never been easier, even to ordering in high quantity.

For stage 2 of Fulfill to Shopify, please check Article 2 to see how Upinus complete your fulfillment process by getting shipping numbers in a click and sending to Shopify store.

Good luck!