Fulfillment 02: Update tracking number and Fulfill to Shopify

When a customer places an order on your Shopify website, all order details including order number, products details and shipping address will be auto-syncronized to Upinus.

After that, you can use Upinus to auto-fulfill with AliExpress.
Fulfilling by Upinus consists of 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: Auto-ordering to AliExpress. See article.

  • Stage 2: Auto-updating order status from AliExpress.

Stage 2 : How to auto-update tracking number and fulfill to Shopify

Automatically update order status from AliExpress:

After 5-7 days, customers will start asking about order’s shipping status. All you have to do is check order number with Upinus. See figure 1 below.

All your order statuses and tracking numbers are real-time updated.

Check order status in Upinus
Figure 1. Check order status in Upinus

2. Automatically update tracking number and fulfillment status in Shopify:

Upinus automatically grabs your tracking number (figure 2) then send to Shopify(figure 3).

Tracking number is shown in Upinus
Figure 2. Tracking number is shown in Upinus

Your order status in Shopify will be automatically updated from “Unfulfilled” to “Fulfilled” (or “Partially fulfilled”)

Order status in Upinus changes from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled
Figure 3. Order status in Upinus changes from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled

Shipping carrier will be auto selected as “Other” and default tracking URL is https://www.17track.net/en/track? See figure 4 below.

Tracking number and tracking URL is automatically added to Shopify by Upinus extension
Figure 4. Tracking number and tracking URL is automatically added to Shopify by Upinus extension

Once tracking numbers are updated in Shopify, tracking information will be sent to customers by Shopify default mode.

Tracking numbers can also be changed manually. You can change tracking number in Shopify or right in Upinus, info will be auto-synced between Shopify and Upinus.

3. Easily change order status manually

The sellers can reset order status right in Upinus. Right now, based on fulfillment reality, Upinus offers 3 modes: To order, Refunded & Done. See figure 5 below.

Three modes to reset order status
Figure 5. Three modes to reset order status

“To order”: Sometimes, the order in AliExpress can be closed or finished when it’s not shipped yet. To re-order to AliExpress, you can mark your order as “To order”. So that, button “Click to order” will re-appear.

After you re-order with AliExpress, a new AliExpress order number will be updated to your order.

You can also close your order after cancellation or successful delivery by marking your order as “Done” or “refunded”. With these 2 modes, all fulfillment features like “Click to order, Change Supplier…” will be de-active.

NOTICE: Keep an eye on your suppliers and AliExpress

Operating an e-commerce business means no physical inventory. So basically, packing and shipping are out of your control. The moment orders are done paying, Internet Retailers can only rely on AliExpress and their suppliers to processing the fulfillment smoothly.

However, even with all the tips of and choosing good suppliers, Internet Retailers can only reduce 60% risk of getting their orders delayed or canceled. So the point here is to acknowledge these situations as soon as possible. </p>

1. Review AliExpress’ extraordinary activities every day

To make sure all your orders are processed normally through AliExpress, we highly recommend you to check all special status every day. See figure 6.

There is 2 special status that seller should pay attention: Closed, Fund Processing.
“Closed”: Your orders are closed by AliExpress, in most case, to request payment verification.
“Fund processing”: Suppliers fail to deliver products and choose to cancel order and refund to you. Or after you open a dispute and win, AliExpress will refund to you.

Use Upinus to check AliExpress’ extraordinary status
Figure 6. Use Upinus to check AliExpress’ extraordinary status

In case, you need to re-order, just reset your order status by “Mark as To order” (figure 5)

2. Review shipping status quickly when receiving complaints from customers

Problem with tracking no may be the consequence of updating wrong from suppliers. Or worse, if this happens to a lot of orders from the same supplier, it indicates a bad supplier with obvious lying intent in fulfillment.

Just search for customer name in Upinus, you will easily see tracking number, Ali order number and supplier’s name right in Upinus. See figure 7 below.

Check Ali order no, supplier’s name and tracking no in Upinus
Figure 7. Check Ali order no, supplier’s name and tracking no in Upinus

With these 3 information, just make a quick search and contact (if necessary, find how to contact supplier - article 02) then decide what to do next. In most cases, if you are quite aware of a lying intent from supplier, do 3 things:

  • - Open disputes to orders which are already shipped: click Ali order no in Upinus, then click “Open dispute”. This would notice both AliExpress and suppliers about their deceiving actions.

  • - Cancel all orders which are at awaiting payment: Visit “Awaiting payment” in AliExpress then click cancel all of them.

  • - Re order all canceled orders above: Use “Mark as To order” and “Change supplier” in Upinus.

Upinus is an A-Z automation app, which allows users to scale an e-commerce business in huge volume, save hours of manually working and avoid money-losing mistakes in bulk. So even when you are a newbie or an expert, Upinus will have its way to help you speed up your fulfillment as well as enhance your review on supplying and customer support.

Good luck!