Upinus Hot Product for Product Sourcing

Even when you're a newbie or a professional Internet Retailers, finding a winning product to sell is tough. It often takes you countless days and hours to find a product you'll believe that everybody wants, but it turned out that you chose the wrong one and you lost enormous money for Facebook testing. Unfortunately after all the pain, you’re still stuck. We all know how hurtful the feeling is!
From our experience, picking a right product to sell is a decisive factor for your success. Our advice to you is not to pick a product based on your sense or on your passion, but to choose ones based on its purchasing data and its market rates.
Choose hot products! Otherwise, you will likely waste a lot of money, time and effort for nothing.

How do we define hot products?

Daily analyzing a huge amount of purchasing data from biggest marketplaces (AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay,...), Upinus figures out the products that are best-selling and its demands are experiencing a dramatically upward trend in the market at that time. These products are likely to attract customers thanks to its innovation and usefulness to people's life.
Using Upinus, you’re likely to increase the rate of winning product to 300%.

Example of trending products
Example of trending products

Use Upinus to pick the right product to sell.
Step 1:Click to our trending product suggestion in the Hot Products

Step 2:
Upinus already offers you the well-done product description and product images. Now you have more time to think about how to advertise the product and grow your sale. Click the button “Pin product", now you see the product go to pinned list.

Note that you can import as many products as you can because all the products are really potential. However, you may not win them all. This is the nature of e-commerce. In e-commerce industry, profit from one winning product can cover all other products' testing money and bring you tremendous profit. So our advice is to make sure to allocate your testing budget wisely for testing the products until you find the right one which will come soon thanks to our trending product suggestion.

Step 3:Review the product for the last time before pushing to Shopify

Special tips for Internet Retailers:
Let's think about selling strategy a little bit here. In E-commerce, what all sellers want is to maximize ROI - which is the return on investment. In other words, you want to increase the revenue per advertising cost to convert one customer as much as possible. To do this, let's consider the 2 following ways:

1, You can boost your revenue by adding more variants to your product without depending on the supplier. The bad news is sometimes you cannot find a single supplier who provides you all desirable variants. If yes, the supplier may not offer the best price.
Don't worry! Upinus allows you to add variant from different suppliers to one single product on Shopify. With this feature, you can take the best variants from best suppliers and combine them into your own product. Here is how to implement it:

  • - Pin all the variants from different suppliers to Upinus
  • - Click to Add Variants button in Edit Product page.
  • - Find the product you want to add a variant.
  • - Set name, price and compare at price of the variant as normal.

Fulfilling the orders that contain the variants is no problem. Upinus will handle it for you.

2, Consider offering a discount to encourage customers to buy a higher quantity. For example, if you sell nondurable goods which is consumed or purchased frequently by customers, you can offer them to buy more to get a lower price.

Step 4: Finish picking a product by clicking “Push to Shopify" button
With Upinus, just by a few clicks, you get the potential product ideas that likely to bring you hundreds thousand of dollar.